Coaching requires surrender, trust and an open mind. It requires belief in oneself, belief in the coaching strategy and belief in the coach.

Deb Lauren Coaching is designed with these three tenants top of mind. I’ve been on both sides of the coin and I practice what I preach – investing in my own coaching and professional development each and every day.

As a coach, I make these commitments to you:

  • ETo show you your blind spots and help you create the sensors and mental protection needed to navigate life and challenge with greater ease and agency.
  • ETo always tell you what you need to hear….even if it’s not what you want to hear (and then teach you how to manage that discomfort)
  • ETo help you get really good at making decisions
  • ETo stay neutral, impartial and grounded so you have a steady hand to lean on when in discomfort or new territory
  • ETo share my own life experience and lessons learned
  • ETo offer my expertise in mindfulness and neuroscience through customizable curriculum and programs offered.
  • ETo be your mirror…helping you see a more robust, honest reflection than you saw before.
  • ETo hold space for your self-discovery and ultimate transformation
Focusing on Mindset changed the trajectory of my life, inspired this career and guides my decision making as a parent, professional and partner. If you want to make a similar change, if you crave MORE energy, MORE agency, MORE freedom to up-level your life and stop the cycle of burnout…I’m 100% behind you and I KNOW I can help you be that rising tide!