How Coaching Can support you

It is said that a rising tide lifts all ships.
Imagine what’s possible when YOU become that tide?
As the tide, you can create change

As the tide, you own your time, energy and focus

As the tide, when you thrive…everyone benefits

Full Transparency: Life can be pretty stressful. It can feel like your circumstances dictate your peace of mind and this can make you feel out of control, resentful or, at the very least, exhausted. Most of us are so busy being busy (or surviving the day) that we've normalized speed, stress and life on auto-pilot to the point where burnout becomes an expected “part of the job”.

Game Changer #1

Realizing that this belief is merely a result of habit and old programming.  

It is our brain’s efficiency at work and only represents ONE way of responding to life’s demands.  You can choose differently.  You can open yourself up to a different interpretation, a different mindset and a different response.  It’s not that one is better or worse…they each serve you in some way.   Choosing a new approach simply offers the chance at a different result.  A different future.  

Game Changer #2

Recognizing that you have blind spots and installing a sensor

Any car on the market, no matter how high end or tricked out it may be, has blind spots.

There are always places you can’t see from the driver’s seat…and manufacturers know this so they created ways to protect you. Cars now have sensors that can alert you to approaching vehicles and some even beep or brake for you to help avoid an accident.

A Mindset Coach is YOUR sensor. Your Coach sees what you can’t, alerts you to potential hazards in the way of your goals and helps you avoid preventable “accidents” that steal your most valuable resources…your time, energy and focus.

    • A coach shows you your thoughts and helps you see the connections between your interpretations and the results you have


    • A coach teaches you how to evaluate your decision making so you can fuel the parts of your brain that regulate your stress response and strengthen your executive functions


    • A coach increases your awareness of your relationships….with your job, your environment, your money, your body and your potential


  • A coach uncovers the hidden limits not yet in your own field of vision so you can start breaking down barriers and moving the dial

THE IMPACT of becoming the tide…

    • Uncovering limits and owning your awareness empowers you to take control.  When you realize that your mindset, your beliefs and your interpretations pave the way for your actions…no outside circumstance can thwart your efforts. Taking responsibility ultimately GIVES you agency. And that agency provides freedom to create, to act, to invest in your future.


  • Fostering your own growth and evolution enables you to set boundaries, stay in your lane (aka stop comparing) and recover from criticism, discomfort and stress efficiently.  When you know your blind spots and work, proactively, to account for them, you save your time, energy and focus for the decisions and actions that take you exactly where you want to go. This flags your brain to notice the important road signs and rest stops (opportunities) that get you there without burning through your tank!

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